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30 days ago
Twitter updates
telemetrystatus Jan 25 at 09:35am CET

It seems Azure is having some problems, and the affects us too. Service is very slow right now. We’re on it, but there’s not a lot we can do right now.

telemetrystatus Jan 22 at 12:10pm CET

We’re having an outage in our ingest service and are working to fix the issue. The rest of the service seems to be working fine.

telemetrystatus Dec 01 at 11:24am CET

Our caching servers are too tiny. We’re rescaling, and as a consequence the dashboard will not work properly for a short while.

telemetrystatus Nov 22 at 09:17am CET

Today is moving day and we're moving our servers to a new hoster. We made very sure that all signals your apps send us will be received and stored without fail, but there might be interruptions in the Dashboard, the apps, and the API.

telemetrystatus Nov 03 at 06:50pm CET

We’re getting some intermittent errors from the API when reading data and are looking into it. Signal ingestion is working fine.

telemetrystatus Oct 18 at 08:34am CEST

It’s our one year Twitter anniversary 🥳🥳🥳 a lot has happened since then and it’s amazing to be on this journey with you all

telemetrystatus Sep 29 at 05:16pm CEST

Our website and the dashboard are unreachable at the moment. We’re investigating.

telemetrystatus Jul 28 at 09:06am CEST

Our servers encountered a problem that’s sadly familiar to us by now: data is entering the pipeline but not being processed. You’ll see missing signals for the last 6 hours or so, but we’re on it and expect to replay the missing data soon.

telemetrystatus Mar 31 at 08:20pm CEST

For the last 5 hours, our ingest servers didn’t work correctly. We probably lost some signals. We apologize deeply for this.

telemetrystatus Mar 25 at 08:30pm CET

Our data servers are running a bit hot. We‘re investigating.